Double Bassist and Composer Eva Kess, born in Berlin-Schöneberg, started her musical career as a kid in Porto Alegre (Brasil) as a ballet and tap dancer. Back in Europe she continued as classical pianist and dancer in Bern and at age 17 discovered the Double Bass. Eva Kess lives in Bern. An active performer, Eva played concerts in Bern, Basel, Zürich, Geneva, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Zagreb, Rio de Janeiro …

Eva expanded her horizon in direction of composing for lager ensembles in the composition & theory masters of the University of Arts in Bern. She studied composition with Guillermo Klein, Django Bates, Bert Joris, Martin Streule, Frank Sikora and Klaus Wagenleiter.
She studied Jazz Double Bass in Bern with Patrice Moret and at the Music Academy of Basel with Bänz Oester, Larry Grenadier, Jorge Rossy, Julio Baretto. (Preparation Class in at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern with Thomas Dürst.) Countless masterclasses complete her education.

Winning the Friedl Wald-Scholarship allowed her to dive into the music scene in New York City and to take lessons with Larry Grenadier and Matt Penman. Eva Kess has recorded several albums with music of hers and has gained recognition nationally as well as internationally.


My CDs are now available in the bookstore „Bider & Tanner“ in Basel, Switzerland.

Inter-Musical Love Letter (UNIT, 2022)

Sternschnuppen – Falling Stars (Neuklang, 2020)

Bassexperiment (UNIT, 2019)

Flying Curly (UNIT, 2017)


We’ve been to the recording studio! The CD is being made in co-production with Radio SRF 2 Kultur and will be released on the label UNIT Records on February 3rd 2022. – Release concerts are Nov 5 at the Kloster Dornach and Nov 11 2022 at the BeJazz Club Bern. – Looking forward!

Supported by Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council, Stadt Bern, Kanton Bern.


I am feeling super happy, surprised, and excited that my project Sternschnuppen – Falling Stars had been thriving against all odds in the year 2020. The journalists of the Portland (Oregon) based jazz magazine Cadence have chosen Sternschnuppen – Falling Stars to be one of the 10 best albums of the year 2020! Furthermore, UK Vibes announced it to be amongst the best 20 albums of the year and Radio France Musique made a beautiful radio broadcast. Therefore you can find a new press section located at the bottom of the page right under the social media symbols. And more good news are about to follow, let’s keep the spirits high!

You’re invited to check out our current CD release tour in 2020/21 with *Sternschnuppen – Falling Stars* in Basel – Bern – Winterthur – Berlin, an interview on RTS in the radio broadcast l’écho du pavane.


Inter-Musical Love Letter

“Inter-Musical Love Letter” is the name of the new project by composer Eva Kess (Eva Kesselring). A “Letter” intended to spread a message and build bridges. A counterpoint to current events in the region, in the country, in Europe, in the world. Love as the strongest unifying force. Music as a magical, uplifting experience that has a positive impact. The “Letter” being written at a time when bizarre oddities seem to have become normal and social grievances are coming to light even more clearly than before.

«Beyond Third Stream, Eva Kess takes you on a musical journey not confined by stylistic labels. Well-crafted orchestrations and elegant performances will warm your heart as each piece transports you to a different soundscape.»
– Rafael Piccolotto de Lima 2021

The Inter-Musical Love Letter is going to be released on the label UNIT Records on February 3rd 2022. A Co-Production with the Swiss Cultural Radio SRF 2, recorded at the Hardstudios 24-27 November 2021.

Eva Kess – composition
Mirjam Hässig – Voice
Domenic Landolf – Tenor Saxophone & Alto Flute
Marco Karrer – Soprano & Alto Saxophon
Daniel Woodtli – Trompet & Flugelhorn
Felix Grandjean – Trompete & Flugelhorn
Julia Rüffert – Trombone
Vincent Brunel – Violin I
Susanna Andres – Violin II & Voice
Tatiana Zubova – Viola
Alejandro Olóriz Soria – Violoncello & Voice
Jonathan Salvi – Vibraphone
Cyprien Rochat – Guitar & Rap
Loïc Baillod – Double Bass
Felix Wolf – Drums

Lisa Laser – Graphic Design
Moritz Wetter – Sound Engineer
Michael Brändli – Mastering Engineer

Sternschnuppen – Falling Stars

Sternschnuppen – falling stars has been released on the label Neuklang. U.S. street date: August 28, 2020. A Co-Production with the Swiss Cultural Radio SRF 2, recorded at the Hardstudios.
Vincent Millioud – Violin 1
Susanna Andres – Violin 2
Nao Rohr – Viola
Ambrosius Huber – Violoncello
Simon Schwaninger – Piano
Philipp Leibundgut – Drums
Eva Kess – Double Bass & Composition

Moritz Wetter – Sound Engineer
Nitcha Fame Tothong – Graphic Design

«With these Falling Stars no wish remains unfulfilled.»
– Jazzthing 2020

«Eva Kess’s music seems to effortlessly find the balance between disparate worlds. Floating etheral harmonies mingle with understated driving rhythmic grooves, simplicity and virtuosity converse with one another, and throughout one is left feeling that this music is a very cohesive whole, the result of a very clear vision and sharp focus.»
– Jeremy Harman, Sirius Quartet 2020

more music


2019, Unit Records

Bassexperiment has been released on January 18th 2019 and made it on January 22nd 2019 on place 26 of Best New Music on iTunes US.

Eva Kess – double bass & voice

Benjamin Scheurer – Graphic Design

„Congratulations! It’s quiet an accomplishment to record a completely improvised project playing and singing! Nice playing and you have a beautiful voice. It complemented your playing very nicely.“ – NY Bassist Jay Anderson

Flying Curly

2017, Unit Records

A Co-production with Swiss Cultural Radio SRF 2. Flying Curly has been among the top 50 jazz records on iTunes U.S. and made it on rank 11 of the Jazz pre-orders on iTunes Germany.

Felipe Duarte – Guitar
Gregor Ftičar – Piano
Peter Kronreif – Drums
Eva Kess – Double Bass & Composition

Andy Neresheimer – Sound Engineer
George Ambrose Baake – Photographer
Benjamin Scheurer – Graphic Designer

Wondering What Is Coming


Wondering what is coming is the name of her first album. Eva wrote all the songs and produced the CD on her own.

Simon Spiess – Tenor Saxophone
Johannes Maikranz – Guitar
Niculin Christen – Piano
Severin Rauch – Drums
Eva Kess – Double Bass & Compostion

Palma Fiacco – Photographer
Benjamin Scheurer – Graphic Designer

„Eva Kess writes music that slowly reveals itself with it´s own logic, adventurous music in the real sense of the word without cliches, long forms that evolve dealing with sound rhythm, form, melody and harmony. New ideas with the timeless elements.
Proving once again that you can always find new esthetic paths with the creative use of grooves, counterpoint, orchestration and development of ideas.
Passionate music, full of life, honest music that will take you to new landscapes, strong motives that Eva’s tunes provide.“ – Jorge Rossy



upcoming concerts 2022

Eva Kess b & Thomas Chabalier vib

October 30, 2022 @ le Petit Ailleurs, Paris

concert & open stage 3:30 pm



CD-Release-Tour Autumn 2022

Inter-Musical Love Letter – CD release 

Nov 5th 2022 – Kloster Dornach

Nov 11th 2022 – BeJazz Club – Bern @ 8.30pm


Bossa Nova @ Hotel Bern

December 22nd 2022


past concerts 2020


Sternschnuppen – Falling Stars CD Release Tour

September 26th 2020 – 20 h
Lokal – Basel

October 23rd 2020 – 20:30 h
BeJazz – Bern

December 12th 2020 – 12 h (cancelled)
Adventskalender Heiliggeistkirche – Bern

January 28th 2021

an invitation for interview with Benoît Perrier on RTS in the broadcast l’écho des pavanes

TBA – 7:30pm
Antonierkirche – Bern

TBA – 7:30pm
Feilenhauer – Winterthur

b-flat – Berlin

past gigs

Kunstfabrik Schlot – Berlin (D), Delphi Theater – Berlin (D), BeJazz Club – Bern (CH), Stadttheater Bern – Bern (CH), Bird’s Eye Jazz Club – Basel (CH), Off Beat Festival, Bar du Nord – Basel (CH), 1st International Jazz Day Festival – Zürich (ZH), Swan Bar – Paris (F), B.P. Club – Zagreb (HR), w/ Itiberê Zwarg – Rio de Janeiro (BR)